Trade (Import/Export) documents

Ecocert ICO USDA National Organic Program -International Equivalency Programs

Are you Ecocert ICO certified under USDA National Organic Program and wishing to sell products outside of the United States? 

Ecocert ICO will verify that your products and associated labels meet the requirements for foreign markets where the U.S. National Organic Program has equivalency agreements or arrangements, including Canada, the EU, Japan, and Korea.  If your product and labeling meets the requirements of your import market, it will be listed as eligible for export on your organic certificate.

Do you need additional information about specific export documentation?  

Ecocert ICO has tools to help you directly export your organic products to international markets, including EU, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and others.

Send a completed application  to info.ecocertico@ecocert.comAdditional information is available from the USDA for organic equivalency arrangements EUCanada, Japan, and Korea.

For pricing, see fee schedule or contact Ecocert ICO.

Exporting Your Organic Product

Once you are ready to export your organic products, you will need an export (import) or transaction certificate for each shipment of goods. These documents, verified by Ecocert ICO, provide that the product to be shipped complies with or is equivalent to the standard of the destination market. If you are not sure if your operation complies with or is equivalent to the standard of a destination market, contact your Certification Officer or email

For a helpful resource covering the export requirements around the globe visit the International Organic Trade Resource Guide. You can also choose to list yourself as an international exporter on OTA’s Organic Export Directory, a searchable database directed at foreign buyers.

I’m ready to ship, what do I do next?

Once you’ve confirmed your product(s) can be exported to the destination market, and you have a shipment confirmed for departure, complete the application form and send it along with the invoice and correlating Bill of Lading for each shipment to

Ecocert ICO "Export and Transaction Certificate" request forms are listed below, along with detailed instructions for filling out each form.

Once we receive your request we will process it within 2 business days. A PDF copy of the completed export certificate will be emailed, and the original certificate will be mailed per your instructions.


Trade with Korea

Trade with Japan

Trade with Europe

Trade with Canada